Cindy and Shelly just figured out the easiest way to get a raise. Fuck the boss of course! At lunch they planned how they would both go into Bob's office and get down to business. Bob was so happy, he gave them a percentage of the profits for the next 6 months!

Darla is a knock out blonde with a perfect body. A great set of tits and a beautiful ass. When her boss, John was out of the office this week, she thought she would take the oppurtunity to make some sexy photos and leave them in John's desk.

Elle works at a prestigious law firm. All day she is a quiet bookish worker never making waves. At night, her boyfriend and her have wild sex in the offices and film every moment. If you were to meet her at the office, you would never know she loves big cock up her ass in the conference room.

Jizelle has always wanted to make it with her boss, David. She just loves wealthy, important men. David was more than happy to give her what she wanted, which was a hard cock in her mouth and her ass. Jizelle licked up every drop of David's hot cum and went back to work.

Kimberly just got this great new job just a few weeks ago. Already the boss is making moves on her. After lunch he hinted that if she wanted to move up in the corporate world, she would need to get naked. She thought about it for 2 seconds before the panties flew off.

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